Linda K Burch (Dahlen)
WildTech Corporation and FireTacks are the brainchild of Linda Burch Dahlen who holds patents and trademarkes for the brightest trail markers ever made.  Lab and field tested.  Used mostly by the Geocache and Hunting industries, FireTacks have customers and dealers worldwide.  FireTacks are also used for scientific research, arson & crime scene forenic investigation, boy scouts and girl scouts, and much more.  Contact us if you would like Dealer opportunities or product information.  For more information, go to

The Hunting Industry is where FireTacks began.  Now we are world wide and with countless applications.

Linda, shown here with her 2008 bow shot 8 point buck taken on her land in northern Minnesota, has a passion not only for hunting, but for teaching and mentoring those who have the desire to learn about hunting and the outdoors.

   Archery Opener 2005                                                                          Turkey Hunting 2004                                                                    

Firearms Deer Opener, Minnesota  2005

Turkey Hunting, Wisconsin 2002

To Contact Linda:

PO Box 807
Isle, MN  56342-0807
 866-245-8518  toll free

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