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Years ago we created a product called "HotDots".  A product before  its time.  We phased HotDots out for a while but by popular demand... YOUR demand... we brought them back only in an even better form:  GeoTacks.  GeoTacks are  reflective in Stealth Bright, our trade secret stealthy camoflauge colot - a color we prototyped but never mass produced with HotDots.  We will now make GeoTacks in both a black tack, and in a woodland green tack, our stealthiest  combinations ever.  Only YOU or your designated seekers know where GeoTacks are hiding.  The rest of the world can only guess where they might be.  Hidden by day, bright by night, eco-friendly in every sense.  Available now at

GeoTacks, L to R, Black/Blaze, Woodland/Stealth, Black/Stealth

GeoTacks compared to our other products, L to R
4D-Blaze, GeoTack/Stealth, 3D-FireFly, 3D-Blaze

GeoTacks in Black/Stealth Bright - this is a package of 25 Tacks

GeoTacks come in Woodland Green/Stealth Center, Black with Stealth Center, or Black with Blaze Orange center

GeoTack in Black with Stealth Bright center

GeoTack  in Black with Stealth Center, front view

GeoTack in Woodland Green with Stealth Center, side view

GeoTacks - our first Geo's ready to go

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