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                                        FireTacks Product Descriptions and Performance

You may have been directed to this page for more detailed photos and information on the FireTacks line of products, specificially, the various colors, shapes and performance of FireTacks products.  You can click back to at anytime to complete your order at our web site.  Performance recommendations are at the bottom of this page.

Here is the basic grouping of our products.
Top Right:  The bright organge is Blaze. The darker orange is Blaze in stealth silkscreen.
The Bright yellow is FireFly.  The goldish yellow in the center is our new UV Gold Stealth.
The lighter tacks are Ice White and Diamond Bright which is a slight gray tinge.
The brown tacks are Stealth Bright.
Blaze and FireFly are reflective under Black Light and also super bright with a normal white flashlight.
Stealth is hidden by day, but super bright at night.  Blaze and FireFly Stealth are also UV reflective.

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The Stealth Line of FireTacks. 
Stealth Bright (on left) is hidden by day, super bright by night.
Stealth Blaze in center is maple leaf orange/red for day, super bright PLUS UV reflective at night
Stealth UV Gold on right, hidden for day, super bright by night AND UV reflective too.

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Blaze and Firefly in Regular and Stealth under Black (UV) Light
Top left is UV Blaze Stealth, top right regular Blaze FireTacks
Bottom left, UV Gold Stealth, bottom right is regular FireFly FireTacks

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4D Cube FireTacks, left photo under natural light, right photo under UV or Black light.  Only Blaze and FireFly are UV reflective  Left to right both photos:  Blaze, FireFly, Ice, Stealth Bright, Diamond Bright.

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NEW UV FireTacks shown in natural light on left and under UV light on right.
Top in both photos is UV Gold Stealth, hidden for day and bright under white or UV light at night.
Bottom in both photos is regular FireFly FireTacks, HiVis for day, hot bright under UV and white light at night.

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3D Blaze FireTacks in Regular Blaze and UV Stealth Blaze
Both photos, top is Regular Blaze, bottom is Stealth Blaze
Stealth Blaze is harder to see in daytime, super bright under white light a UV light at night.
Regular Blaze is Hi Vis for daytime and fire bright at night under white light and UV light.

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Our Original 3D FireTacks, from left to right
Blaze, Ice White, FireFly, and Diamond Bright

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GeoTacks (HotDots) FireTacks
GeoTacks on left have Stealth Bright centers, GeoTack on right has Blaze center.
Blaze is Hi Vis for day, hot reflective under white light and UV Black light, at night.
Stealth Bright is hidden by day, super reflective at night.

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3D FireTacks have a slightly larger surface area, so for more straight lines of sight, they can be seen at greater distances when placd on the sides of trees, fence lines, etc. .  However, since they are a pyramid, if you look at them head on with the point toward you, there will be a 5 degree dead spot.  So, if you are marking sharp right or left turns, T-junctions, etc., 4D Cube FireTacks work better. 

4D has three flat surfaces so are super reflective from head on and from the sides.  They do have a slightly smaller surface area so they cannot be seen as far away as our 3D pyramid FireTacks.   Some people use a set of two 4D FireTacks to mark destination points or significant turns, etc for things, like a GeoCache, or a hunting stand, etc.   FireTacks are also used for night time scientific research, paint ball, crime scene investigation, fire investigation and much more.

HotDots aka GeoTacks are a flat tack meant for head on viewing.   They do have incredible directionality however, and can be seen up to 60 degrees right or left of center.

If you are looking to hide trails, any of our Stealth products are perfect.  Stealth Bright (brown) are virtually invisible during the daytime, but super bright at night.  UV Gold Stealth are nearly as stealthy for day time, and super bright at night.  The UV Gold can be seen with both Ultraviolet or Black light flashlights however.  Traditional Stealth Bright are dead under black light.  Our Blaze Stealth is more visible during day that our other stealth products, but is super bright under both white light and UV light.  Since UV light is ambient and not directional, we only make our UV Stealth in 3D.

For private property where you are not looking to hide trails, Blaze or FireFly are perfect.  Ice White is neutral, while Diamond Bright is grayish and a little less visible during the day, but super bright at night.

FireTacks are re-usable and last for many years.  Be sure to remove Stealth FireTacks at NIGHT by going to the end of your trail (take a friend) and remove them going back out.  They are very difficult to see in daytime.   We have had some of our FireTacks in our woodland test areas for ten years and they are still bright.  We do recommend you remove FireTacks from public land when you are finished with them.   FireTacks can be washed with a damp rag to clean them.   Dry thoroughlly and store in a dry place.  The reflective material on FireTacks is nearly impervious to weather elements like rain, snow, freezing and heat.  They can be left outdoors year round if so desired.   Return to

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