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Linda K Dahlen*, EA

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* What is an Enrolled Agent ?

EA is Enrolled Agent, a certification & credential issued by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax professional to represent taxpayers by power of attorney before the IRS for tax issues. With the credential are certain minimum requirements for education, experience and continued professional education.   Enrolled Agent status can be attained in one of two ways.   One, if a person has been applying the tax laws in audits for five years as an employee of the IRS, they can earn the credential.  Two, a tax or accounting practitioner can take the Enrolled Agent exam, given by the IRS.  The exam is a two day four part exam similar to the CPA exam, but the EA exam is exclusively tax law instead of general accounting like the CPA exam.  The EA exam covers tax law of course, but also practice and ethics at all levels including individual, corporate and other entity taxation. 

I have been an EA since 1990 and in accounting and tax for several years before that.   I serve as an alternate on the IRS Taxpayer Advocates Panel (TAP) based Washington,  DC.  I grew an accounting/tax practice in California and sold it after ten years when I moved back to my home state of Minnesota.  I grew another accounting/tax practice in Woodbury, Minnesota until it got too big to handle by myself, at which point I merged/sold that business with Stenseth, Samuelson and Boese, CPAs in Woodbury, MN.   I worked for that firm for nearly three years until marrying and settling in Isle, Minnesota where I have an exclusive tax and accounting practice. My clients vary greatly.  Typically, my clients have complex situations and tax issues that are more suited to my years of experience and expertise. I also do per-diem work for other accounting firms in MInnesota on a consultant basis. 

Taxes for Small Business, Individual, Non-Profit Organizations

     Linda K Dahlen, EA

*Linda K Burch is my professional name as an Outdoor Writer.  Linda Kistler Dahlen is my legal name.

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