Linda K Dahlen

Bubba Linda

Bubba Linda©


I am a registered Cottage Food Producer by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.  When I was ready to launch selling home grown and canned items to sell at Farmers Markets, my sister Susan said my brand name should be "Bubba Linda".  I also make wine every year, but am not allowed to sell that like back in the old days when the Feds didn't regulate things so much.  So I just give it all away pretty much.  Anyway, so that is what the MDA has me registerd as - Bubba Linda.   Susan's next idea was that I should compile the many outdoor adventure articles I have written over the last 25 years, and put them into book form .... of course, also named "Bubba Linda".  Since I don't have time for that, the articles will continue to pile up and perhaps my kids can do a book after I am long gone.

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