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Raised in a hunting family but never hunting as a child, the wild woman in me had always yearned for both the outdoors and for the hunt. I did not hunt as a child or as an adult, but when my son showed a keen interest in guns and hunting when he was six years old, I ran with our shared interest. I was 37 years old at the time. I took the NRA beginner and advanced pistol courses. My son and I also took the Firearm Safety course together and we joined a local gun club. Later, after getting certified through NRA as an instructor in rifle, shotgun, pistol, home firearm safety, and taught Eddie Eagle gun safety, I was asked to make a number of televised pro-gun and pro-hunting statements in the Sacramento, CA area where we lived at the time. Moving back home to Minnesota in 1993, I was befriended by a client who agreed to help my son and I get started with deer hunting. We hunt on two hundred acres of land I own in Kanabec County, MN.

Today, my son and several other men and women are my main hunting "buddies" for firearms and archery, in Minnesota, and around the country.

In 1996, I invented FireTacks hunting products, and brought them to market in 2001 through WildTech Corporation of which I am 100% owner.  We have several trademarks, patents an the usual bevy of 'trade secret's.   We sell world wide, catering to the hunting and geocache indutries, as well as law enforcement, scientific research and a number of other uses.

Hunting and the outdoors are deep, all consuming and often inexplicable passions in my life which find their climax not only in the taking of prey, but also by capturing my experiences in the written word. To that end, I have published hundreds of articles, both in print and online.  My desire is to place you in the moments with me.... to feel the adrenalin, to be stirred and excited, to laugh and to dream, to lurk, shoot, climb trees and to join me in the woods as I seek the face of my soul.


-Linda K Dahlne-

-Enrolled Agent & Tax Accountant, Data-Link Accounting Services, Inc.
-President, Wild Tech Corporation
-President, Data-Link Accounting Services, Inc.
-Life Member - National Rifle Association
-Life Member - Minnesota Deer Hunters Association
-Life Member - Christian Bowhunters of America
--Former ProStaff, Mathews Archery
-Past President and Executive Director,

-NRA Certified Instructor
Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, Eddie Eagle

-Minnesota DNR Certified Instructor
Firearm Safety

-Freelance Writer
-Outdoors/Hunting - varous publications
-Monthly Columnist,  MilleLacs Messenger Newspaper

-Contributing Writer, Christian Bowhunters of America

-Web Sites


                    Linda K Dahlen, EA


Enrolled Agent - enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service

What is an "Enrolled Agent?" is a question I sometimes get.  EAs began after the Civil war to represent claims by citizens before the government after that war.  When the first income tax return was debuted for tax year 1913, EAs continued to represent taxpayers and assist with tax preparation and representation.  EAs have been around much longer than any other tax or accounting credential.  EA is the only tax/accounting credential administered and issued by the Federal Government (IRS).  All others all issued by individual States and are general accounting rather than specifically tax focused.  To become an EA requires education and background in taxation of course, but a person can only become an EA in one of two ways:  One, is to take a two day 4 part, 12 hour exam which only 17% of first time takers pass.  The exam is given once a year.  If a person does not pass the exam the first time, they have one more chance a year later to pass it or they start over.  The second way to become an EA is to have worked for the IRS applying the tax law for five years or more.  Since I never worked for the IRS, I went the exam route, passing all four parts the first time around in 1990 after I had been in business doing accounting and tax returns for 3 years.  I have built and sold two accounting practices, one in CA and one in MN.  I now work with a select number of clients as well as doing per diem work for other accountants.  I am always amenable to considering new clients for tax or accounting needs.


  Linda K Dahlen, EA

-Data-Link Accounting Services, Inc. - Owner since 1987, Enrolled Agent, Graduate Realtors Institute, Accounting Services, Tax Preparation, IRS Representation

-Stenseth, Samuelson & Boese, CPAs - 2006 to r 2009.  Merged my practice with this firm. 

-WildTech Corporation  - Owner, 2001 to present - Owner,
Manufacturer of patented Hunting and Outdoor Products. . Main office in Isle, Minnesota.

-Public Speaker, Seminar Presenter in the accounting & tax fields, 
hunting industry, and for Christian events, 2003 to Present.

-Freelance Writer -
Hunting & Outdoors, Christian articles, Accounting and Tax publications, print and internet.


 Organizations and Activities:

-Member National Association of Enrolled Agents
-Member Minnesota Society of Enrolled Agents
-IRS TAP Panel Alternate, 2013-2014
-City Council Member, City of Isle, Minnesota 2013-2017, Mayor of Isle 2017
-Christian Bowhunters of America, Treasurer and Board member, 2014-present
-Mille Lacs Messenger Newspaper, political columnist and outdoor writer.

Other Activities:

-Past Executive Director, Past President, Past Treasurer, current staff writer for nonprofit 501c4 organization.
-President, Board Member and past Treasurer, Isle Area Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota
-Past President of the Woodbury MN Chamber of Commerce
-Past President of the Woodbury Elementary School PTA
-Vice-President & Board positions with the following:
-Woodbury Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota
-Roseville Chamber of Commerce, California (RCC)
VP of Community Development
-Treasurer, Spanger Elementary PTA
-Treasurer, Woodbury Junior Hi PTA
-Treasurer, Woodbury Chamber of Commerce
-Chair, Homeless Task Force (3 years) (RCC)
-Chair, Holiday Parade Committee (7 years)  (RCC)
-Chair, Government Relations/Business Development (3 years) (WCC)
-Chair Member Services (RCC) (2 years)
-Chair Member Services (WCC) (3 years)
 -Chair, Business Luncheon Committee (WCC) & (RCC) (10 years)
-Chair, 5 Year Plan and Strategic Plan Committee (WCC) (3 years)
-Chair, Ambassador Committee (WCC) (2 years)


-University of Minnesota and Arizona State University, accounting, business & psychology emphasis

-EA, Enrolled Agent, Enrolled to Practice before the IRS

-CPE, Continuing Professional Education of 35 hours or more per year

-GRI, Graduate of the Realtors Institute, Nat’l Realtors Marketing Institute

-Ministry Certificate, Masters Institute Seminary, Roseville, MN



Linda K Dahlen, EA


Member National Association of Enrolled Agents
Member Minnesota Society of Enrolled Agents


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